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Silo Whip Service

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Silo Whip Services

CICS SiloClean Silo Whip service is the only non-man entry silo cleaning service in Ireland.
The silo whip is a non-sparking pneumatic whip that can safely and effectively remove build-up and blockages in a silo or bin without the need for man entry.

Your bin or silo must have

  • An entry point of 500mm x 500mm wide. 
  • 3 Phase 32AMP power supply.
  • Means of a lift or hoist to get equipment to the top of the Silo or Bin.
  • Sufficient space at the top of the silo for boom entry and a handrail for safety.

Advantages of a Silo Whip

  • There is no requirement for entry into the silo.
  • Its portable and can be moved from one silo to another.
  • Different heads are used to break through hardened product with ease.
  • It can be adapted to use with silos and bin’s of different sizes and shapes.
  • Its hydraulic so does not require air.
  • Its Atex Rated.

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