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What We Offer

CICS SiloClean was established as Cavan Industrial Cleaning Services in 1973 by its owner and Managing Director Ron Tidy. Servicing the Mill, Dairy, Agri and Pharma industries on the island of Ireland we provide a personalised service to each one of our clients.

In 2021 Cavan Industrial Cleaning Services Ltd T/A CICS SiloClean were awarded three ISO Certifications in Quality Management, Environmental and Health and Safety Management.

These awards let our clients know they can trust us to work on their sites and manage risks effectively to achieve our excellent standards.

CICS SiloClean Services

Confined Space Cleaning

We offer a safe and efficient confined space cleaning service. 
Our fully insured team of City and Guild trained operatives can enter a confined space above or below ground.
We clean all high care confined space equipment in our bespoke High Care cleanroom using proven and monitored methods in line with BRC Standards.

Industrial Rope Access Cleaning

Some locations and situations are difficult to access and the building of scaffolding is costly and time consuming.
Our operatives are fully insured with no height limit, trained and experienced in Industrial Rope Access techniques and can easily overcome any such obstacles.

High Care Hygiene Cleaning for the Dairy, Pharma and Food Sectors

CICS SiloClean have many years experience working in high care cleaning.
All our equipment is non shed and is cleaned and sterilised in bespoke High Care cleanroom using proven and monitored methods in line with BRC Standards.

Milling, Agri Store and Farm Silo and bin cleaning.

We have a wealth of experience in the cleaning of these confined spaces using safe and effective techniques for the removal of product that has become bridged or hung up.
We can offer a decontamination clean for external silos leaving them sterile and dry and ready to be refilled.

Bin Whip

CICS SiloClean Silo Whip service is the only non-man entry silo cleaning service in Ireland.

The silo whip is a non-sparking pneumatic whip that can safely and effectively remove build-up and blockages in a silo or bin without the need for man entry.

High Pressure Washing

We have a fleet of tow behind industrial hot to steam 300 and 500 Bar Industrial pressure washes. These washes enable us to complete many tasks including
Internal washing of silos and paint tanks
External washing of Silos and holding tanks.
External cladding washing
External washing of walkways and pathways.
Bulleting of drains and pipes

Window and Office Cleaning

We offer local office cleaning services to clients based in the Cavan Area.
Our industrial team can also offer a periodical window cleaning service.

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