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Revision 1: May 2018

Website Privacy Policy. has made all the necessary adjustments to comply with the new GDPR which comes into effect on the 25th of May 2018

This website is for information purposes only. We use it to show you the services we provide. The information on this website and its content (including photos) is not allowed to be copied or used in any way. You can make contact with us using our email or phone number. uses cookies to track the traffic on our site. We look at what pages were visited and how many times they were viewed. This helps us improve our website and learn what services our customers are looking for. Cookies are not harmful and they don’t contain any virus and they do not extract any personal information that may identify you. Any of the information we get from tracking the pages you visit is not given to any third party.

When you fill in our contact form and give us your details, we only use these detail to return your message. Your message is sent directly to us by email. Again we don’t share these details with anyone.

This statement may be updated from time to time. Please check back if you require the latest statement.

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