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Milling Industry

Milling, Agri Store and Farm Silo and bin cleaning.

Milling, Agri Store and Farm Silo, Bin Cleaning

CICS SiloClean service animal feed mills around the country.
Silo hang ups and bridging can cause all sorts of problems for the silo and the product contained in it.
From blocking and contamination from mould and moth larvae it is becoming increasingly recognized that mill silos require periodical cleaning to try and prevent downtime in production.

CICS SiloClean has tried and tested methodologies to remove any type of buildup from inside your silo.
We also clean the interior of Mixers, Coolers and Hoppers.

We can complete a thorough dust down of your facility to remove moth larvae, animal debris or dust removal for fire prevention and insurance inspections. General high-level cleaning from the roof of your mill to ground level can be completed using the safest techniques. Our services assist our clients in reaching and maintaining gold standards in their audits with UFAS, Bord Bia and The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food etc.

Our 24/7 service ensures that we provide peace of mind to an industry that is essential to the Agri Food sector of this country.

Agri store and farm silo cleaning for the Milling industry.

As part of our services to our milling clients we can also arrange the cleaning of holding silos at their agri stores or farm sites. We can wash, sterilise and dry the silos removing all contamination and leave them ready for refilling.

Spillage Clean up:
Using our 25hp vacuum we can remove spilt product quickly and safely.

Grain and Feed Industries

* Industrial Rope Access and Confined Space cleaning by our highly trained technicians
* Silo, bin and hopper cleaning
* Detailed reports for each silo/bin
* Removal of hang-ups, bridges and complete blockages using Atex rated equipment
* Dry dust down by hand or wet cleaning using up to 500 bar hot to steam pressure wash
* Grain removal from pits and weigh bridges using 25HP Trailer Mounted Vac Unit
* Fogging of Sal curb
* Cleaning of mixers and coolers
* Roof void, wall void and duct work cleaning
* General cleaning by hand (dry areas)
* Complete mill dust down and pre-audit cleaning
* Exterior and interior high and low level washing and window cleaning
* Washing of exterior walls and cladding using rope access techniques and MEWP

Agri store and farm silo cleaning for the Milling industry.

* Silo contamination is avoidable with regular cleaning
* Through the grain and feed supplier we can offer a nation wide service to our clients
* We understand your reputation is key to your business and the regulation of your supply of feed to the stores is critical
* We can work closely with your stores and can offer a silo cleaning service to ensure they in turn supply clean and contaminant free feed and grain to their clients
* We can supply both the supplier and the store manager with a silo report which will give you the supplier the confidence in the sale of their product
* We can dry clean or wet clean, sterilise and dry each silo, so that it is ready to be refilled as soon as possible.

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