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Dairy, Food and Pharma

HACCP Level 2 certified Team

Hygiene Sensitive Cleaning

At CICS Siloclean we have many years’ experience in providing cleaning services to companies with Hygiene sensitive areas. All our operatives are HACCP level 2 trained.
We meet with the operations managers and facility managers to discuss the work required and the bast way to approach it for each individual site.

The equipment we use is hygiene standard and is new, cleaned sterilised and bagged in our state of the are High Care Clean Room. This process is in line with BRC standards and is verified by an analytical chemist who completes periodic audits on our facility.
We load this equipment in too our Hygiene Bio-Secure Vans that are internally fiberglass. These vans are cleaned and sterilised after each use.

Hygiene sensitive cleaning of Dairy, Bakery and Pharmaceutical Production Facilities.

We offer a personalized service to suit the needs of your facility.

* Industrial Rope Access and Confined Space cleaning
* Hygiene silo cleaning using clean and sterile equipment that has been hot washed,
sterilised and bagged at our purpose built sterilisation chamber in Cavan
* Hoppers, conveyers, mixers, and cooler cleaning
* Contamination cleaning
* Dryer cleaning
* We source the highest grade, non-shed, Atex rated equipment to use at your facility
* Atex rated vacuums can be used for cleaning in explosive environments
* Dry dust down or wet clean using up to 500 bar hot to steam pressure washing to ensure sterilisation

* Silo reports for each silo
* Cleaning and sterilising of high levels in production areas
* Cleaning of large machines and equipment
* Roof void, wall void and duct work cleaning
* Cleaning of stainless steel in evaporation and separation etc
* Bulleting of blocked pipes
* General cleaning by hand (dry areas)
* Pre-audit cleaning
* Internal and External high- and low-level washing and window cleaning
* Washing of exterior walls, roofs and cladding using rope access techniques to reach the places inaccessible by MEWP.

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